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  1. vincent_byrne
    04-06-2009 10:00 AM
    We actually give training in this area so we have perfected a lot of techniques and have alot of local information etc. Let me know if you need anything else.
    Vincent Byrne
  2. vincent_byrne
    04-06-2009 10:00 AM
    In addition you may put a business a case together which looks at two or more particular chosen solutions and compares them. This may be new build against retrofit against renting base colo space.
    The business case tries to predict what will happen if any one of the the solutions is chose. The prediction results may be represented as a report of the cashflow over a period of time say 7 years. This will give you a ROI and a TCO of each solution.

    One of the big concerns that we have about building in Eastern Europe is security of investment and quality of cnstruction so we use a construction partner who has a local presence bin Eastern Europe but has its head offices in Ireland same as us. They also turn over aroun 650M Euro so we are happy with their ability to stay the pace.

    Undoubtably there is a lot to be looked at but if you would like to contact me I would be happy to take questions
  3. vincent_byrne
    04-06-2009 09:59 AM
    This should be feed into a comparison or weighting spread sheet and evaluated.

    Once you have decided on the need and the location of the data centre then we must consider some other options for the procurement method.

    Can we refit an old site. There is a lot of unused industrial sites with suitable power supplies
    Can we get a developer to build the shell and core site and then we just carry out the fitout.
    Can approach a design and build contractor who will take the risk of construction etc for a given outcome. Who should write the design speification

    After choosing the procurement then we must actually decide on the size and nature of what we want to build.

    The density and the square meterage are waht is importand initally and do we want to implement a particular green strategy.

    All these elements go to make up a business plan.
  4. vincent_byrne
    04-06-2009 09:57 AM
    Hi Oigen
    We are data centre design and strategy consultancey based in Europe and I am willing to help you in anyway possible on a Gratis basis in as much as is feasable for us. We have the ability to construct in most countries in Europe.

    My 10cents worth is as follows.

    You are undoubtably trying to put a business case together for this project. Firstly you need to evaluate what should be in the business case and this will then guide you towards all the different research with you must do.
    Firstly is this to be a colo or an enterprise data centre.

    Say if we are talking colo then you must put together a business plan based around running a colo based on the market need in any particular area. Thsi will be balanced against the
    cost of construction
    time and difficulty of planning
    cost of electricity
    cost and availability of bandwidth
    overall stability of the political situation
    local crime
    physical consiterations for security, flood,fire,earthquake etc

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