City Lifeline supports Tech City start-up

City Lifeline has announced its short term partnership with tech start-up Sparkl, taking into account the differing needs of start-ups compared to established players.
With research showing half of UK businesses fail within their first five years, founders are naturally wary of long term fixed commitments.
Stereotypically, data centre contracts are annual, which tie up start-ups for a full year but City Lifeline has taken the needs of smaller businesses into account to offer a more appealing contract which provides greater flexibility during the initial growth stage of the business.
Jacoby Thwaites, founder of Sparkl, believes this type of short term contract helps support start-up growth without forcing them into a lengthy agreement.
He said, ‘We have entered into a project with a major player in the networking industry and required secure, fully scalable hosting. However, as with many tech start-ups, we’re not blessed with never ending wallets so cost is always at the forefront of our minds.
‘It’s therefore refreshing to see an established business like City Lifeline offer a short term contract for the three months we need without any commitment to continue once the contract expires. Too many businesses take advantage of start-ups, rather than support them, and therefore encourage economic growth.’
Roger Keenan, managing director of City Lifeline, said, ‘Starting a business is one of the most daunting things a professional can do and entrepreneurs should therefore be commended for taking the leap of faith. However, far too often larger businesses take advantage of start-ups and force them into expensive long term contracts. When a business is nowhere near reaching its full potential, entering such a legal obligation can be potentially very damaging and limit the flexibility a start-up needs.
‘This is why City Lifeline has offered this short term contract to a business which is unable to commit to a long term partnership at the moment. Sparkl clearly has a very bright future and we’re delighted to be playing a part by supporting its hosting and security needs.’

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