T5 Enterprise Solutions would offer T5’s customers “top-tier” colocation solutions ranging from secured cabinets to fully dedicated suites. Clients would also have the ability to deploy secure and compliant private or hybrid cloud environments powered by the IIX direct cloud connect platform, Console. Utilizing Console, T5’s customers can directly connect to a global ecosystem of more than 1,100 Internet exchanges, Cloud, SaaS, and CDN providers on a flexible and scalable basis.

With its new colocation service offering, T5 would now be able to meet the data center needs of customers with virtually any size IT deployment or workflow requirement, including e-commerce, big data, ERP, storage, backup/DR, or high-density compute environments.

The launch of T5 Enterprise Solutions is part of a larger strategy to provide comprehensive data center services to our customers,” said Pete Marin, President and CEO of T5 Data Centers. “T5 Data Centers continues to build its reputation by delivering superior service and exceeding the networking needs of our customers. Offering enterprise colocation expands our capabilities while simplifying decision-making for customers who need more than wholesale data center services.”

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