There is a British SME provider of services related to cloud hosting to the UK public sector known as Memset has declared that second UK high security cility has been made to know the rate in government IaaS hosting needs.

There is additional 60,000 square ft of inventory that situated in the heart of the Thames Valley and helps to guide Memset’s provision of services related to cloud to the UK government that helps to get much information via the Digital Marketplace that has been agreed by SME supplier.

It has been observed that phase 1 was completed successfully and it includes in it installation of several cabinets for around 750 that helps by N+1 cooling, and with the system of UPS and with the appropriate generators.

newly subjected to rigorous ITHCs and penetration tests, the site has been attributed to OFFICIAL impact level and able to offer a suitably high point of security for handling government data, and a condition for use of cloud services by a number of government departments.

These services will help to provide with all the latest services for the customers along with the increased resilience and also with their drastic performance.

“We are delighted to bring our technology to the UK Government’s G-Cloud initiative and help support Memset address the increasing demand for IaaS requirements.”  It was told by Managing director who himself along with his team worked with Memset known as Ed Butler.

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