There is hold by the providers of Comms in the rival datacenter arm. There is a lifeline send that agree for the IT services firm’s businesses in the datacenter.

The company said it will be working with 2e2’s existing datacentre employees to carry on providing services from its sites in Gateshead and Reading.

2e2 are ready to welcome the news that are for the left over datacenter users who were asked to give cough up pound 4000 by the administrators for the security of the data given and also for the provider. There is free service that is given by the hosting providers to their customers.

CEO of daisy Matthew Riley said: “This appointment provides 2e2 customers with the opportunity to work with a long-term partner with proven expertise in the growing data and hosting market.

Further Riley said, “Through the additional data centre facilities the Group is in a position to significantly expand its data and hosting footprint, providing stability to existing 2e2 customers and offering further expertise and resource to Daisy customers,”

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