A Collaborate made between Oracle and Intel that was combine taken up on IBM in the hardware market of cloud computing. This time, they are planning to target on the Oracle database and the related customers that are making conspiracy so that to get it easily and ditch IBM servers and get instead of this Intel or Oracle.
This was made public on the presentation of Oracle’s tech conference when there was CEO Brain Krzanich of Intel was invited and was engaged with CEO of oracle. There was joint investigate on the huge cloud computing data centers that helps to run it easily by using Oracle hardware with the help of chips of Intel and were successful. The new partnership was announced successfully and was also leading to a backup programme.
There is also a free database that is transferred of concept study where oracle will see the environment of customer and will create results according to it and will be cost effective and will be running with critical workloads of the database.
The Executive general manager of oracle emerging business group named Ashish Mahadwar explained“ CSC has effectively migrated dozens of customers’ enterprise workloads, and We lately migrated an Oracle Database for a chief insurance provider from IBM Power 7 to an Exadata X5 engineered system as a Proof of Concept.”
There was claim by Mahadwar that the application showed a Siebel that runs 4 to 10 times faster and on Exadata there is running 12 times faster as well.
There is still continuous improvement in a huge software ecosystem that Intel and Oracle are delivering is mentioned according to Mahadwar. He also said, “The Exa Your Power program will make it easier for customers to realize the benefits of moving to Intel architecture,”