News reported that the agreement to work together for ten years services between IBM and Etihad airways has been reported for the amount of US$700 million.
There Is an access with this agreement to the modern cloud-based technologies and for all the facilities provided for this airline along with the companies of group and partners working together. It has been observed that Etihad is one of the growing and fastest airlines worldwide who was responsible for taking along with it 14.8 million passengers in the year 2014 and arranged many facilities for cargo destinations.
There are secure and efficient technology services delivered by IBM that help Etihad airways and different partners to check the IT infrastructure for worldwide and that is also flexible and provide different platforms to provide good services and benefits to their employees and all the guests.
This agreement between two includes the creation of new data centre cloud in Abu Dhabi. This centre will be generated and operated by IBM that is the most sophisticated provider of facilities in the middle East.
There will be a joint technology and council in Abu Dhabi that will help these two IBM and Etihad Airways to create more solutions for travelling by the help of IBM’s global research facilities and the expertise that are linked with the industry of this airline. There will be a focus on the value creation that helps to bring the innovation of the technologies and provide benefits to the people using these facilities.
“By partnering with IBM in this transformation journey, Etihad Airways is accelerating the move to new technologies such as cloud computing and cognitive. These technologies will help the airline to improve efficiencies and achieve its ambitious growth plans as a globally integrated aviation group.” Said by the vice president senior of the IBM Global technology provider known as Martin Jetter
It is also reported that this Etihad airway that are the IT infrastructure, also known as the data centre, several applications and security operations will shift to new data centres that are in Abu Dhabi and any mishap occur can be managed and seen through IBM that is having its data centres in Europe.
To IBM, it has been seen that for around 100 employees of Etihad airways technology agreed to work and will transits. Here they can check for more skills for IT and different opportunities. The datacenter operations will be checked by IBM that includes in it several services of infrastructure and helpdesk for the Airways of Etihad.
There is a global framework with the collaboration to provide the best services for the airways of Etihad and with the airlines related to it that include several others named as Alitalia, air berlin, Jet Airways, Air Serbia, Air Seychelles and Etihad Regional.

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