Data Center Budget Design Criteria

If you want to make a suitable budget for your data center then you have to know the key design of the budgeting.

  1. Availability conditions
  2. Power and cooling solidity
  3. Business goals
  4. Technology services
  5. Support services

Here is brief information about all of these design criteria.

  1. Availability conditions: The first step of determining a budget for a data center is to calculate the available conditions which the company can afford. The budget should be focused on required items for the facility. For example: the common need of a data center is to keep open the facility for 24/7. So the budget needs to cover all the requirements so that the company will have the ability to keep the data center relentless. But that doesn’t mean the company has to puss hard and put too much items in the facility. The expectation should meet the reality as well.
  2. Power and cooling solidity: The next step of the budget is to determine how much heat will be produced and how much money it will take to cool it off. The power management and cooling takes a large amount from the budget. It is very important to calculate the cost and meet the budget because if any of these managements fails after the opening of the facility then the company will face a huge disaster. Cooling management includes air conditioning in the facility, 24/7 cooling system for the equipments and more. Power management makes sure that all of these services are running 24/7 so that the data center can avoid any unfortunate situation. The budget maker has to understand how much power is needed to run the equipments and how much it will cost.
  3. Business Goals: Each company has its specific goals and targets which is one of the important part of their business. The cost budgeting should be linked with the business goals of a company. Selection of server, infrastructure, networks, storage, security, monitoring devices etc should be suitable for the company. Selecting wrong or over the top equipments would lead to a failed budget plan and great loss of assets.
  4. Technology services: There are lots of sections in the technology service management that budget maker should consider:
  5. WAN services
  6. Security, Cable plant, NOC, network, Server, Monitoring, storage, communications.
  7. Storage and server building
  8. Network security, WAN and Network building
  9. Voice contact building
  10. Physical equipments such as ladders, racks, trey, cabinet, troughs and enclosure.
  11. A/V equipments and its installations.
  12. Cable plant installments.
  13. Support Services: The support services are actually focused on the facility; how much it will take to build the facility, the design of the buildings and so on. Here are some few examples of the support services that will be included in the data center budget.
  14. Project administration.
  15. Construction and system design
  16. Engineering
  17. Power, cooling and safety design of the building.
  18. Architectural design of the data center and its supporting buildings

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