CNet Training now has a Larger Team

CNet Training has expanded its teams with the addition of two new business development executives and a further instructor.

Alan Cook and Ken Hillyer are experts in their fields and bring with them valuable experience. Alan brings with him a variety of knowledge gained from successfully running a company in the US for 12 years, whilst Ken has many years’ experience in sales and account management. Their roles will see a focus on recertifying data centre and network infrastructure professionals and a focus on expanding the recently launched Certified Cable Network Installer (CNCI) program, which is shaping the future of the network cabling infrastructure industry and is already having a major impact on the industry with big named installers supporting the certification.

CNet Training and its Accolades

New instructor Andy Hastings will join the strong team of instructors who will deliver programs from The Global Data Centre Education Framework from data centre technician through to the more complex data centre energy and audit programs. He brings a wealth of knowledge, which includes over 35 years’ experience in IT, comms and security across a broad range of technologies and has worked across the UK, Europe and the USA.

Managing director Andrew Stevens said, ‘We’re delighted to have Alan, Ken and Andy joining the team. CNet Training are focused on continuing our program of growth throughout the global data centre and network infrastructure industry by training in more locations and by designing and developing new and exciting programs to add to The Global Data Centre and Network Infrastructure Education Framework, which is followed my many multi-national companies across the world. It’s an exciting time for us and we look forward to further growth and expansion in the near future.’


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