Six Reasons Why You Must Locate Your Datacenter In Canada

Six Reasons Why You Must Locate Your Datacenter In Canada

There is a dramatic increase in our need for more computing power, phenomenal increase in demand for storage and speed of connectivity. Datacenters are therefore mushrooming all over the world. At the same time there is extreme competitiveness. Customers and end users are demanding better experience at cheaper rates. All these factors have led for a search for better places to locate Data Centers. Here are six reasons why you must locate your datacenter in Canada.

Cheaper Electricity and Water

A datacenter is heavily dependent on electricity and water. Canada, especially Quebec, has abundance of both. The cost of electricity and water is less compared to other places. For those who are evangelists of green technology, Canada is a haven. Here a major source of power generation is hydroelectricity. Moreover, gas is majorly used for power generation instead of oil. You should remember that datacenters require reliable and continuous supply of power which Canada is known for. This reduces the need for power backup which further decreases infrastructure costs.

Cool Weather All Over the Year

The electronic components used in datacenters emit colossal amount of heat which must be quickly dissipated. Equipment failures are mainly related to overheating of devices. You have to pay special attention to cooling systems. A significant portion of electricity is used for cooling. Control of humidity is another factor to be considering in design of cooling systems. Canada, including Quebec, enjoys cool weather all over the year. This means that operational expenses are automatically curtailed if your datacenter is located in Canada leading to better energy efficiency. Additionally, humidity is low in most of Canada.

Data Security

After 9/11, United States has become more security conscious due to their legitimate concerns. The US Patriot act allows active interception and access to data related to terrorist activities. As a result, the privacy of innocent people is unwittingly compromised. With a spate of instances where private data has been revealed due to theft of identity, customers are wary and careful about where their personal data is stored. Canadian law is more in tune with other European nations and provides reasonable security to users and datacenters located here. Canadian government agencies are not allowed to gather personal information from datacenters unlike in the US. This is another good reason why you should locate your datacenter in Canada.

Access to Customers

The internet does not have geographical boundaries and data can move across nations without the need for travel documents. Canada is lucky to share its border with US, which makes it an attractive place for datacenters. This is like having the US cake and eating it in Canada. There is a huge customer base waiting to be serviced and this is probably the most vital reason why you must think about locating your datacenter in Canada. Proximity to customers reduces time of transmission and provides better user experience, which in turn means more revenue.

Political Stability

Though this may not seem like a huge benefit, corporates have realized that political stability can make or mar operations. Canada, in this regard, is an attractive destination since it has a stable political environment.

Safety from Natural Calamities

Canada has been blessed with a great climate. You need not worry about tsunamis like the one in Japan which wiped out an entire province and caused a nuclear catastrophe. In fact the cold climate is a blessing in disguise.

Overall, the indices point to extremely favorable conditions for setting up datacenters in Canada. Reasonable salary structures, conducive labor environment and lower taxes are factors which compliment other important aspects for datacenter operations in Canada.

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