Data Center Remote Management Tools and Techniques

Remote Management is one of the critical factors considered in data center design and implementation. The actuality of present day’s universal financial system necessitates for business corporations to look at the challenges of wide-reaching operations, throughout the day business mock-ups and e-commerce business’. The 24 hour 365 day business ambience requires nonstop, incessant information way in and counts as the difference between accomplishment and disappointment. Two special entities, network availability and data access are now necessary elements of the shared value chain, so data centers are the point of focus in a company’s everyday operations. In fact data centers are the foremost critical asset for most companies today.

With the new breed of legacy equipments,  a range of other devices, and strategies making a way in has made dependence on data centers even more. There is no surprise that the data centers have evolved to have a mix of entry level to enterprise-class servers conjugating various work systems, running servers, operating systems, gateways, firewalls, routers and switches. This is not all, they even are useful for building automation systems, monitoring solutions and of course uninterrupted power supplies.

This list is never ending! Looking at the present day managed systems milieu, complexities have been drilled and efforts for faster to market supplying, better uptime and constant access. Corporate information has become a necessity, for a better model to be developed tools and techniques have to be sneaked in.

Effective management of Data Centers

Producing an effective remote management plan, certain organizations with substantial investments in the serial or KVM console have come up with a novel idea of finding out the best utilizations of data center management tools. They have answered the following questions correctly and as per need basis.

1. Which are the devices the remote data center is going to manage?

2. How to manage them at all times or when is it apt to manage them?

The tools play a major role in determining the kind of data center remote management you need to use or rather say what are the tools to use to manage the data centers. With tools come the supporting hardware configurations and security complications. The last necessary thing to know is how to fix security threats.

Monitoring portals:

Wide variety of tools are available to monitor devices using ICMP, SNMP, MIB etc.

For example HP openview, Cisco LMS, Solarwinds, PRTG, MRTG what’s up gold.

Logging tools : 

As regulatory and audit requirement, organizations need to have tools for effective logging. It is also useful for compliance like HIPPA and SOX.

Common Hardware Components in Data Center:

Servers with multiple operating systems and applications, SANs and network file server storages can be noticed. Other components include network security devices like VPN, Firewalls and Proxy Servers, Managed Switches and Hubs like Ethernet, Asynchronous Transfer Modes, and 10/100/1000 Mbps devices, Routers, Telecommunication devices and many other devices like the UPS, building access systems etc. With these tools IT managers are able to address the staffing issues, and effective system management issues. They are able to centrally manage myriad network infrastructure spread across the globe.

Remote management of data centers also helps in proactive or productive management of resources. It helps in monitoring, managing and regulate power to almost every part of the data center equipments. Remote data center management helps in streamlining the business processes, brings in agility and boosts up the businesses to operate efficiently.

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