Infrastructure and Design Tips to Help your Data Center to Go Green

 Infrastructure and Design Tips to Help your Data Center to Go Green

Data Centers are the factories of the 21st centuries.  Data Centers houses a lot of digital and mechanical equipments. Data Centers do not pollute the environment by emitting polluting fumes into the atmosphere like other old factories, but these big structures are no less scrutinized for their growing consumption of electricity. Energy consumed by data centers

are expected to raise 50% from 2011 to 2020. As demand for cloud storage grows exponentially, more facilities will be built which intern increases the demand for electricity and other resources. Data centers are already consuming 1.1 – 1.5% of the world’s total energy consumption in 2012, by 2020 they will consume almost 20% more than last year. Organizations are making an honest effort to find alternative methods of generating electricity without depending on local providers. Some of the IT giants like Microsoft (have plans to build data center which runs on Bio-gas), Google, HP, EMC, Dell and many more have already tested and implemented alternative methods of generating power. These companies are not only concentrating on power generation, but these companies are

concentrating more on improving efficiency of their data centers and design them according to U.S. Green Building Council to earn LEED Gold certificate.  LEED Gold certified data centers are the ones with high efficiency and doesn’t cause any sort of damage to the environment and human health.

Following are some of the Data center infrastructure tips which help your data centers go green.

Access your Energy Efficiency:

                One of the key aspects of achieving green tag in your data center is power management. Data Center managers need to know and understand from where energy comes and how it is being distributed in the facility. This helps managers to cut down energy wastage. Designers and managers need to look for alternative methods of generating power which make them move even closer to LEED certification.

Renovate Your Cooling System:

                Focus your cooling racks and servers and also ensure reduce airflow by sealing off holes in walls, ceilings and floors with appropriate duct. This might help in increasing efficiency and also to reduce power consumption. Managers need to access and implement best accessories to their data centers which intern improves efficiency at a relatively low cost.

Release Your Redundancy:

                Many facilities invest in redundant cooling and heating systems which inflates your energy bills. Slash redundancy wherever possible and remove all idle hardware which is simply occupying space and consuming energy.

Virtualize Your Storage:

                Virtualization makes application mobile and shut down unnecessary servers. Virtualization helps in knowing the server space, mapping applications to a different physical location to gain more efficiency. Datacenter Virtualization plays one of the major roles in the quest towards Green data center.

Looking For Alternative Power Resource:

                One of the best ways to stay clean is to find alternative energy that works for your facility. Companies can think about installing heat pumps, wind energy, solar panels and evaporative cooling, these alternative methods can lower your cost and significantly reduce company’s environmental footprints.

                Efficient data centers is not just good for your organization but it is also a social and environmental responsibility to manage your facility’s operations.

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