Data Center Migration Methodology

Data center migration is a rare site in IT industry. Data center migration might sound attractive but it is bundled with risk when an inexperienced team is attempting to perform this operation. Acco

rding to Gartner study more than 70% of organizations have to relocate their data center facility, so data center migration is a crucial. Many companies decide to relocate to a new facility due to several reasons which might be due to business reasons or technological reason. The data center migration project involves a broad area of external and internal stakeholders. A data center relocation team should input a lot of hard and gritty work. First a team has to learn the process which helps in managing work load as well as stakeholders’ expectations.

                Following are the prerequisites before executing migration plan:

  • Plan Data Center Migration
  • Prepare Data Center Migration
    • Manage Communication
    • Manage Contracts
    • Manage Budgets
    • Set Up Work Environment
    • Implement Data Center
    • Architect For Migration
    • Implement Network
    • Plan Logistic
  • Execute Data Center Migration

Data Center Migration Plan:

The data migration team has to assemble all the data and documents which include in-depth analysis. The migration team should ensure they collect all the data including rack diagrams and floor layouts. They should also map system dependencies such as applications that need certain data which is stored on a different system. Companies need to alert all their service providers such as software, utilities and hardware about its migration plan.

Data center managers need to face a lot of challenges before migrating to new facility. Following are the most simple and most critical issues that a relocation team must take care.


Data center managers should ensure the proper security plan which ensures data doesn't disappear and unauthorized people are kept away.


                Data center migration is an expensive process. Data center relocation management budget should cover site closure, tools, relocation budget, renovation, equipments and construction expenses.

Prepare the New Facility and Close the Old One:

                Before beginning the migration process inspection team must visit the new facility and ensure all systems are approved, ready and are successfully tested. The team should ensure the facility has an adequate cooling system which caters the company’s future needs. Migration team must ensure to de-commission equipments which won’t move into the new facility and make sure all the operations in old facility is completely closed.

Backup the Data:

Backup team will always be careful in backing-up the data; just in case have a recovery plan. Ensure this recovery plan is thoroughly tested and are tested at regular interval of time during the planning phase.

Following are some of the pitfalls that an organization need to avoid:

  • Know complete detail about migration plan: companies might now know from what they are moving and from where they are starting
  • Defalcation of a Relocation Design: some time organizations assume new facility fits into place without visiting.
  • Failed to Develop Complete Migration Plan:  Organizations

    sometimes fail to create a detailed migration plan and fail to assign tasks to individuals before executing plans.

  • Poor Execution of Migration Plans:  Inexperienced movers or advisors might face this problem, so companies need to hire experienced advisors and movers.

Data center migration process poses a serious problem for an organization which can lead to jeopardize relationships and crucial businesses. Data center migration team should be very agile and experienced enough to handle any critical issues.

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