Time Warner Cable Officially Opens its Charlotte Data Center

Friday was a big day for Time Warner Cable as it officially opened the doors of its National Data Center campus in Charlotte.

This new data center campus will enable Time Warner to leverage IP Technology to deliver its videos to all devices and services.

“The latest IP technology housed in this building gives Time Warner Cable the capability and flexibility to focus on delivering services in line with our vision of bringing our customers the ‘4 Any’s’ – any content to any device, anywhere at any time,” said Carol Hevey, executive vice president of operations at Time Warner Cable East. “Locating one of just two national data centers in Charlotte emphasizes Time Warner’s commitment to the Charlotte area and a commitment to provide the latest and best technology to our customers.”

The Charlotte data center houses all the equipment necessary to deliver of services of Time Warner’s core residential and business products. The functions of the data center include hosting applications that support the 70 million emails sent per day, the billing details of more than 15 million customers, and all the backend applications delivered to Time Warner’s complete employee database.

The building also houses cloud technology from NaviSite, the technology vendor which Time Warner purchased last year for $230 million. The third quarter revenue reports of Time Warner showed that the company’s business services revenue has increased from 27 percent to $493 million. NaviSite has seen a 20 percent increase in its revenues in the same quarter

a year ago.

The National Data Center is a 178,000-square-foot facility that includes 1,600 racks of technical equipment and four 12,000-square-foot data halls.

When the expansion project was announced last year, Time Warner Cable said it would hire 225 new employees. As of Friday, all of those positions were filled. With the addition of the new jobs, Charlotte is now home to the company’s largest corporate campus.

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