Implement Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in Data Centers

                 Data centers need to implement R3(Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) methodology to minimize wastage. R3 is a Waste hierarchy framework which helps data centers to produce maximum benefits with minimum wastage. Most of the data center companies including technology giants Google, yahoo and others are trying as much as possible to implement R3 and minimize its wastage.  Now let us know how we can implement R3 in data centers.


                Try to buy heavy components like server racks from local vendors, this would reduce transportation charges and also reduces air pollution. If materials are expensive locally, you can import materials from other nearby locations where the material is cheaper.


Companies should think about giving a second life to all data center components by recycling them and selling it in local markets. Sometimes components need to be sold by breaking them into raw materials such as plastics, aluminum, copper, steel, etc.


Before adding any new components to Data centers have a check with the older equipments which can be reused. If you already have machines which serves the purpose, then why to buy new equipments.

Data Center companies have to think more on using renewable resources to obtain maximum savings and minimize wastage. In terms of energy companies can use renewable energy resources like solar energy, wind, tidal and other sources. Initial cost for implementing these resources might be high, but later it helps to reduce overall investment. Microsoft has plans to run its data center in Cheyenne, Wyoming on Biogas, you can get complete detail on this by visiting the link given at the end of the article.

Data center management team has to think of making use of locally available resources to minimize wastage. One of Google’s data center in Douglas County uses city waste water to cool its servers, another center in Hamina, Finland uses sea water to chill

servers without using any chillers in the center. Microsoft’s data center in San Antonio uses recycled water provided by local water company.

Data center managers should regularly have a maintenance check on all the equipments and make necessary alterations. These maintenance processes can reduce a large amount of wastage. Company should design data centers which recycles and reuses the resources to optimum level. Some Data center companies in Australia are planning environment friendly means to dispose hardware. Companies expect e-waste to be doubled from next five years. One of the important ways to cut down hardware waste is by properly designing the hardware rooms. Include more number of bio-degradable hardware components.

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