New York data center have been struggling to cope with the recent outages caused by Hurricane Sandy. But the situation in New Jersey was a little better with data centers running on generator backed power supplies. These data centers remained online without any hiccups.

Equinix has its major data centers located in the region of Seacaucus. It operates most of its interconnection points through this region. Sam Kapoor, Chief Global Operations Officer said that it has been a busy long night for all the staff at the company’s data centers.

“All sites in New York/New Jersey, and several in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., experienced power outages and customer loads were transferred to generator power,” said Kapoor. “All of these sites have at least 48 hours of fuel onsite with fuel vendors on standby to deliver more as needed. As of this morning, some of these sites are back on utility power, while some remain on generators.”

In New York, Equinix experienced a generator failure that impacted services to customers at 11, 8th avenue.  “We made repairs and service was returned this morning,” said Kapoor. “The site remains on generator power.”

Power wasn’t the only problem. “Sites in New York and Washington, D.C. experienced water leaks,” said Kapoor. “While most were minor and quickly contained, at least one leak at a New York site impacted a customer. We are currently working onsite with the customer to contain the issue.”

“Our Site Operations personnel have worked tirelessly to ensure that our data centers continue to operate during the worst of the storm,” he said. “We appreciate the commitment and dedication from our staff, many of whom have left their families and homes to keep our data centers safe and operational.”

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