In a recent interview GEN-I announced that it plans to set-up a $10.5 million data center in Christchurch. It also said that this venture is going to be in association with Christchurch International Airport Limited (CIAL) and Canterbury-based Data Centre Design and Build Limited (DCDB).

Association with CIAL would help GEN-I to deliver a technologically competent data center within the CIAL campus. CIAL has agreed to lease the land to GEN-I. However, GEN-I is considering to build the center according to its company specifications.

The Canterbury based design organization will be providing GEN-I the necessary technical and electrical services, and testing and licensing of the facility to ensure it caters to the functional requirements.

CIAL Chief Executive Jim Boult said: “Gen-I is a key strategic partner for information technology across the airport campus, so it is a pleasure to have them located alongside us as well.”

DCDB Director Ian Falconer said: “We are pleased to be playing a key role in the development of Gen-I’s new data centre. We provided the initial concept design and have worked closely with Gen-I to complete the full building and fit out design. Our focus is on ensuring the new data centre will be as energy efficient as possible, while maintaining industry standards of resilience for the power and cooling supply.”

GEN-I plans to start with the operations by mid 2013. It is going to be a 1000 sq ft facility, with a capacity to host 180 racks across two data halls.

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center is going to complement the other two data centers of GEN-I, and would be helpful to clients who are trying to relocate their infrastructure to GEN-I’s new center.

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