Dell recently announced that it has launched its very own pre packaged system to enable companies to establish data centers. This pre-packaged system comprises of the server, storage, network, and software products. With this, Dell looks at expanding its business into a different enterprise sector.

Dell’s new enterprise business chief Marius Haas said that the company is aggressively pushing its boundaries in order to enter and acquire the $110 billion market catering to the technology needs of the companies.

Dell in an event in San Francisco explained that the company has produced a new product called the ‘Active Systems’. This product has been developed on the principle of Dell’s ‘converged infrastructure’. This pre-configured infrastructure product enables users to set up virtual desktops, and private remote computing capabilities.

Dell has been on an expansion spree as it has been actively buying companies to offer it services. Dell has made a conscious effort to move away from the personal computer market, a market whose growth is decelerating with time.

iPad and other sophisticated devices are taking customers away. Dell has also made a global turn around with tech spending reducing every year. To rapidly increase revenue and growth patterns, Dell is trying hard to enter into the enterprise computing market where it would have to face its arch rival HP.

Marius Haas said that Dell has invested and spent $127 billion in acquiring companies like SonicWall and AppAssure. This would help Dell bolster its products into the enterprise computing market.

“Investors are underestimating Dell’s enterprise potential,” Haas said in an event in San Francisco.

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