EBRC a subsidiary of P&T Luxembourg recently inaugurated the tier IV data center in Betzdorf, Luxembourg East. This center has about 5000 sq m of white space.

The group’s fifth data center is called the European Reliance Center. It has been designed to provide cloud computing and IT managed services.

This data center uses natural air for cooling for about 90% of the year. It has been built to stand to the norms of the company’s environmental promotion campaign called ‘E.A.R.T.H’. This campaign aims to include all other data centers under its energy efficiency campaign, and follow the sustainability values.

P&T CEO Claude Strasser said that the data center is well connected to other networks and forms a link with the other data centers as well.

“The location of Betzdorf is probably unique in Europe with this Tier IV Data Center, the presence of the global satellite operator SES and our European high-speed data-network Teralink,” Strasser said.

“Betzdorf is a highly interesting location to attract multimedia companies and we are proud to contribute thus to the ‘Hub Multimedia Luxembourg.”

The data center has been standardized according to the ISO 20000 for IT service management, ISO27001 for data security, and has passed the PCI compliance audits.

Last year the company’s Resilience Centre Luxembourg West data center and Resilience Center Luxembourg South both received Tier IV certification. The company also has two data centers in Luxembourg City.

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