Google announced on Thursday that it plans to set up a data center in Chile. This $150 million venture by Google is the first of its kind in the whole of Latin America. The exact location of the data center has been decided which is going to be Quilicura, a suburb, 13 miles north of Santiago.

Google aims at increasing the services to its users by setting up data centers in Chile. “We’re building this data center to make sure that our users across Latin America and the world have the fastest and most reliable access possible to all of Google’s services,” the company said in a recent interview.


Google also has major expansion plans in the countries of South-East Asia like Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore as per reports by the spokeswoman of Google. Apart from the data centers that Google plans to set up, it already has about eight data centers in the U.S alone.

The company wants to construct its own data centers and be in the league of other big companies that have their own data centers. They do not want the other third-party companies to collocate with their data centers. This move would reduce significant costs by eliminating middle-men. Reduction in power consumption would be another added benefit.

The company aims at hiring about 20 people onboard after the data center goes completely operational. Google will also kick in another $50,000 to the Municipality of Quilicura, “to upgrade the IT infrastructure of three schools and the municipal community center,” Hurowitz said via email.


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