A new investigation reported that data centers are highly energy efficient. According to an expert analyst, it is not the internet which is consuming a lot of energy; it is the data centers which are the villains.

One report on the data center of IBM which is located at Ontario, Canada described it as a ‘green data center’. But over the weekend, a new controversy erupted saying if data centers are really saving energy. An article from the New York Times states that some of the data centers in USA are still wasting a lot of energy.

After a tear long investigation, results proved that data centers are far from reaching energy efficiencies. There have been no measures taken to reduce power consumption. These data centers work round the clock to meet demands and requirements of the IT sectors. Hence drawing a huge amount of electricity. Analysts claim that the internet is not responsible for any wastage of electricity. It is the data centers that need to keep a check on their energy consumption.

A counter argument in the Forbes List said that the NYT was responsible for misleading by suggesting that the server utilization rates in corporate centers were relatively low compared to the internet data centers in companies like Google and Amazon.

“There is no doubt power utilization could be improved,” says author Dan Woods of CITO Research. He also said that the big challenge lies in the hands of the IT sectors and not the internet leaders.

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