SmartDebit drift to new data centre

SmartDebit platform from two geographically separate locations powers the second data centre is part of a three provision security environment, both completely disconnected from their headquarters in Bagshot, Surrey. Thanks to NiTC, particularly Director, Mark Darrah, the relocation to the new data centre was flawless, with SmartDebit’s clients experiencing no intrusion with the collection of their Direct Debits.

Established in 2010, Hampshire based NiTC provide specialist IT support and consultancy services to a range of businesses from SMEs through to larger corporates. NiTC’s vision is to increase their geographical coverage in the near future by opening more offices throughout the UK and

SmartDebit’s Director of IT, Steven Drewett, commented “NiTC were instrumental in the construction of our brand new secure processing environment in the early part of 2011. They have delivered again, successfully to a new data centre with minimal intervention and most importantly with no disruption to service”.

SmartDebit’s service is running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year has several layers of redundancy with three provisions located in two separate data centers, ensuring their clients’ data is safe and secure and their processing.

SmartDebi are the UK’s leading Direct Debit Bureau, specializing in payment processing services since 1998. A Bacs approved Bureau, scoring ‘Excellent’ in all five categories of the Bacs audit, and ISO 27001 compliant. Providing a complete range of services such as Outsourcing; SmartDebit-Admin cloud based portal; SmartDebit-Online payer sign up; SmartDebit-API integrated solution and SmartDebit-Contingency.


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