CSU Data Center Relocation Services in High Demand

CSU Industries, Inc. has seen continued demand and growth in its Data Center Relocation offerings. Over the past month CSU has successfully completed three separate Data Center Relocations. Each project had its own distinct and unique challenges that CSU was able to help the customer anticipate, plan, and overcome. CSU’s recipe for success includes dedicated project managers, an experienced team of professionals and comprehensive pre and post move interactions with the customer to ensure a smooth transition from one location to the next.

Andrew Gladstone, VP of Technical Operations cites one reason for this trend. “Our clients realize that at CSU we build on our prior experiences to assist them in anticipating and planning for any contingencies that may arise during a relocation. Even a simple in-town relocation can present its own plethora of issues. CSU recently executed a medium-sized relocation where the customer needed to change all of the LAN settings on their servers after the relocation due to the new Data Center residing on a different subnet. Without CSU’s skilled technical resources onsite during the move they would have had to wait until after the weekend to have the co-location system administrators perform the complicated changes to the systems, leaving them unavailable to the entire organization for the duration of the weekend.” CSU’s total commitment to customer service and satisfaction continues to cultivate its extensive services portfolio.

About CSU
Established in 1980, CSU Industries, Inc. provides thousands of customers worldwide with quality IT equipment and solution designs, HW & SW support and other professional support services. CSU’s sophisticated logistical processes, customized software applications and customer-oriented IT support programs contribute to the company’s highest success rate in meeting SLAs. Renowned for its world-class Help Desk – manned 24×7 by a live CSU professional – CSU’s unparalleled support program includes contract management, disaster replacement, and remote and on-site system administration services. Headquartered in New York, CSU delivers support solutions to thousands of satisfied users throughout the US and in 66 countries around the world.

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