Data center finances replicate bigger IT infrastructure demands

Although many corporations have reacted to the economic recession by reducing their spending, they haven’t been able to cut on data center budgets.

According to the Uptime Institute 2012 Data Center Survey a few organization increased their data center budgets because of IT demands,

The market research found an increase in budgets almost across the board by more than 1,100 data centers across several industries and government agencies. Data center budgets have increased since 2010; 32percent of respondents reported budgets have increased 10percent or greater between 2011 and 2012, up from 27percent between 2010 and 2011. In spite of a slow economy, the increase in data center budgets speaks to greater IT demands.

“People still need to keep running their businesses, applications keep growing; you want to keep getting new customers,” said Matt Stansberry, director of content and publications for the Uptime Institute.

Even during the recession – 80percent of those surveyed had built or upgraded data centers in the last five years, main reason budgets continue to increase is the data center power, cooling and space capacity is still stretched to its limit. In fact the budget goes into infrastructure, than the additional employees.

“People are getting more and more servers, more and more responsibilities, more and more infrastructure … but with the same amount or less staff,” said Stansberry.

Other alternatives are on the rise as well, according to the survey. As data centers outgrow their current footprint, cloud computing might see a bit more in the business.


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