Harris Corporation Exits the 'Cloud' Business

Harris corporation – an outfit that provides computing infrastructure for government agencies decided to close the doors of their super secure data center in Harrisonburg, Virginia and leaving the business for good saying that the government and commercial consumers prefer hosting “mission-critical information” on their own premises and not on some proverbial cloud.

They cited that while cloud computing services still holds a strong market, their facility in Washington DC just didn’t suit the bottom line. Jim Burke, Harris vice president of corporate communications also noted that the data center wasn’t at par by stating “This is strictly a case where owning and operating a data center simply wasn’t efficient.” Harris says that the reason behind opening its 100,000-square-foot facility in May of last year was the number of commercial customers in the area and Harrisonburg’s proximity to major government agencies. After closing the data center, Harris plans to continue to focus on building dedicated infrastructure for its customers.

“The closure will allow us to refocus our capital and efforts on the secure, cost-effective communications and IT solutions that our customers are demanding.” read a statement from Harris CEO William M. Brown.

Harris isn’t the only corporation that has built a data center in the DC area to bring  cloud services; Amazon operates in the area and last September, Microsoft announced it would build a facility in Boydton, Virginia to support its Azure cloud Services.

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