Trending Topic: Migrating Existing Applicaitons to the Cloud

The Cloud Migration Solutions Pyramid according to cloud migration services provider White Stratus
By now we all know the advantages of cloud computing such as added scalability, availability, flexibility, and management capabilities, just to name a few. But it’s no small task to migrate existing applications to the cloud. This has, of course, been a topic of discussion on the Data Center Talk forums.

Forum member bell notes that it’s important to determine if the application will benefit from moving to the cloud. “[I]f you feel that your application will suddenly need to be scaled up,” bell writes, “then the best option is the cloud. but if your own present servers can handle the load/traffic, why invest in additional resources?” As sidewind writes, cloud services can help speed up a company’s data delivery with delivery closer to end-user locations around the world. But not every application has these requirements.

How do you determine if migrating an existing application to the cloud is worth it? Let us know on the forum!

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