Mobile Cloud Computing Set to Make Billions

The Visiongain Report was just released on December 17, 2011 with a forecast that mobile cloud computing is set to generate $45 billion by 2016. Just this year the mobile cloud computing arena is starting to make a noticeable move. Advances will continue as more and more people and businesses turn to using mobile devices and computing systems.

Mobile Cloud Computing Forecasts

Forecasters predict that by 2016 this market will be extremely competitive. For any company wishing to capture their share of the market the time to act is now.

The use of smartphones is increasing rapidly along with increased worldwide usage of the 3G network. Both businesses and people’s lives are changing because of mobile computing. It is now much easier to use any type of mobile device from more locations.Mobile Cloud Computing

Speculation has it that mobile network operators are set to move their real time operations to the cloud. This includes voice, video and messaging services.  These types of cloud services still need to be tested but the potential is there for businesses to reap a huge return on their investments.  Their other option is to set up their own data centers.

Mobile cloud computing is currently being led by Apple and Google. With smartphones and tablets decreasing in price more mobile computing services will be needed by the anticipated influx of new users.

Mobile applications are huge and this trend is set to increase rapidly. Software such as Maps are going to be a forerunner for mobile cloud computing. Asia is reported to have more mobile users but North America will be the winner as far as revenue is concerned.

Some of the applications customers can expect to use mobile cloud computing for include:

  • Turning your thermostat up or down
  • Recording movies
  • Controlling lights
  • Banking
  • Remotely opening doors for someone else
  • Controlling security centers

Current concerns facing mobile cloud computing include security, privacy and data ownership. These will need to be dealt with so advances can be made. Companies have to ensure their customers that they will not sell or allow a third party to access their information.

Once these issues have been addressed then more players can be expected to enter into the mobile cloud computing arena. For customers they can expect to see better pricing and the availability of more applications being made. For businesses mobile cloud computing provides the opportunity for them to increase their customer base and see a huge return from their initial investment.

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