List of Cloud Computing Backup Services for Successful Business

Cloud computing backup or cloud online storage comes with different services provider to suit various group of users with their different needs and requirements. Users select online backup services based on different options such as transfer speeds, pricing, size of storage provided, size of Megabytes or Gigabytes for number of files storing.

Business users would select based on data security and compliance, data resiliency (ability to come to original state after being bent, configured or other) and availability of remote located data.

A large corporation would select a backup service based on server performance and effective transfer of entire server and data protection with controls and lock-on to online spaces.

  • Group of businesses and large corporations would want entire server of hundreds of computers to be backed up.
  • Individual user would want to store and save their irreplaceable photographs, videos; years of working documents, projects; and download applications like blogs, chat and emails.
  • Mobile users would to keep online storage of musics, albums, videos; use gaming, eBooks application online within mobile computing.

List of Cloud Computing Backup Product with Different Plans:

  1. BackupMyInfo

    ( – their primary concern is protecting the business and client’s important corporate data. A premium managed service provider that focuses on online data backup, recovery and nightly backup too. It has features to backup various databases, several servers and email message backup. Offers free trial at this moment without any obligations.

  2. Carbonite 4.0

    ( – is a mature online backup service. Though it seems to lack some desirable features for requirement such as not backing up external or network drives, it still offers unlimited backup storage. Back up open files and IPhone applications. Pricing per pc: $59/year.

  3. CrashPlan 3.0

    ( – This version offers multiple backup sets such as yours and friends’ computers backup; unlimited storage; ability to backup attached devices and compatible with multiple platforms of Macs, Linux and Windows. It seems to lack features for file sharing and mobile users. Pricing per PC: $50/year/unlimited GB.

  4. DataBarracks

    ( – business backup services with support for different operating systems. Backup from single application to full infrastructure from public or private clouds. It has features such as data encryption, resilient storage systems and secure UK-based data centers. Clients include defence sector, government agencies and financial institutions. Approximately pricing per PC: £3.95/2 month free.


    ( – offsite data is completely protected. Features include high availability replication services, email compliance, data de-duplication and telecom recovery services. Offers solutions and services to government, financial institution, education and healthcare industries by leveraging virtualization, cloud computing and cloud storage.

  6. GlobalDataVault

    ( – has advanced full featured backup service provider. Offers free 30 day trial. It seems to protect business by eliminating risk with redundant systems and data replication to secure data center. Pricing per PC: $125/month/50 GB.

  7. IDrive

    ( – gives unlimited storage and at affordable price. Basic plan is free with 5GB free. Suitable for online backup for PCs, Macs, Smart Phones such as iPhones, Blackberries, Android based mobiles. It seems to lack features such as you can not mix Macs and PCs in one account alone. Pricing per PC: $59.40/year/150GB.

  8. KineticD

    ( – has a remote control capability to IPhones and PCs so users can keep applications backup running on their device. Mainly online backup storage for business probably due to constant monitoring of updated files and multiple PCs support. Users can only pay for their space they use. Approximately pricing per PC: $20/month/10GB.

  9. MiMedia

    ( – offers folders syncing that designate folders to pair with online storage. Its beta service offers hands-off, automated backup and the ability to play media files online and cloud-based disk drives. Pricing per PC: $100/year/100GB.

  10. MozyHome 2.0

    ( – no unlimited storage plans; backup only one computer per account. It is probably easily to use and setup but does not seem to backup removable drives and network. Pricings per PC: $5.99/month/PC.

  11. Nomadesk 4.0

    ( – seems compatible for servers of Windows, Mac, Internet browser, mobile web; for application of mobiles and PCs. Secure, sync file transfer and allow file sharing with no limits, whether you are online or offline. Offers secure backup without limits for 30 days free trial.

  12. Storagepipe

    ( –Canada online cloud backup services of industry’s data protection and archiving. Backup server, software and email archiving; provide solutions for disaster recovery, regulatory compliance and business continuity.

  13. SOS Online Backup

    ( – Backup PC, Mac, iPhone / iPad contacts, videos and photos including Facebook and Android backups. Sharing of data with your friends from any place. Offers some free storage account. Pricing per PC: $63.96/year/50GB (upto 5 PCs).

Source to date: November 2011

These are few of the products reviewed out of hundreds available online.

The preferred option would be to choose the plan that comes with free trial to use their online storage services for limited time. This is one way of testing their good functionality, server performance and whether it suits personal needs and requirements.

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