Data Center Talk Library

Data Center Talk Library

Do you want to learn more about data centers?  Are you new to the field and need to get up to speed on data centers in general?  Are you an experienced veteran and want to research specific data center issues?  Maybe you have just been promoted into a position with more responsibility for a data center.  In any case, this is a good place to start getting better informed.
(This list reflects the curator’s background: it is somewhat US-biased and contains lots of facilities information.  If you have any resources that should be added to this list, please send a recommendation to media at  and we will add them in our list.

Free Resources

Training, Certifications and Professional Networking

  • AFCOM – “AFCOM, the leading association of data center management professionals, is a dynamic community providing a forum for discussion, learning and problem-solving.”
  • The Uptime Institute – Originators of the Reliability Tiers criteria for data center design, TUI continues to influence the data center industry with business intelligence, educational resources, symposia and professional services.
  • Disaster Recovery Institute International – DRII offers education and certification for Disaster Recovery professionals.
  • The International Consortium for Organizational Resilience – Offers a variety of data center courses and certifications.
  • CNet Training – Offers several data center certifications.
  • CompTIA – Offers many IT-related certifications and educational resources.
  • Marist College – “The Institute for Data Center Professionals (IDCP) at Marist College was founded in 2004 with funding from the National Science Foundation and has been a leader in providing affordable, convenient, and quality educational programs that are 100% online and asynchronous covering topics that are relevant to professionals working in data center operations and/or enterprise computing environments.”




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