Data Center Best practices for handling expensive IT equipment

Modern Data Centers  are equipped with heavy, sophisticated and expensive pieces of IT equipment such as server, switches and routers.. You definitely don’t want to risk mishandling this equipment or injuring yourself on the job. We have some best practices to handle these kinds of sophisticated equipment. This article will highlight some of these practices and will help you protect you and your equipment. Equipment vendors also advise to use better way to mount and rack equipment:

  • Design racks to have balanced weights.
  • Refer hardware vendor’s manual for allowed weight in given racks.
  • Prepare mix of equipment to optimized U space. Don’t forget, every U space has some dollar value associated.
  • Space is expensive so use it wisely.
  • Design Hot and cold space around racks.
  • Design sufficient space in front and back of racks.
  • Use Mechanical lift like server lift  to mount heavy equipment.

Mechanical Lifts are designed to facilitate data center maintenance requirements by providing a data center solution to install computers and other equipment. Customers’ need  to make server room safety a key priority when installing servers.

The SL-500X server lift is an advanced server and overall data centre installation lift. It provides easy installation and mounting. Technician can perform all related tasks in safe manner without sacrificing efficiency and effectiveness. In case, it has to be done manually, it can cause
injuries to person. Also need more resources to mount and install.

Some of Advantages of using server lift are following:

  • Protects from risks of physical injuries, medical bills, equipment damage, downtime.
  • Provides more efficient manner to handle expensive equipment.
  • Provides Peace of mind – facilitating up-time through efficient installation.
  • Improves Data enter safety compliance activities.
  • Reduces operating cost.


Server lift is device with true Return on Investment. It provides efficiency, effectiveness, lower operating cost, streamline deployment. It helps to optimized installation and mounting. Protects equipment, avoid data loss. It also helps to protect safety of technician from disability injuries and back injuries. recommends reviewing products from

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