Most IT resources are often available for almost zero cost. There are free hosting providers for your web site, free e-mail services, and free marketing tools such as Facebook, eBay and YouTube. There are even zero-cost providers for your accounting and database needs, such as Google Apps. Everything is managed by third-party companies who specialize in providing a specific service, and these companies benefit from your use of their services, generating revenue from showing you advertisements, or selling the data you store with them to other companies.

little Incentive to Deliver Quality Service

It’s hard to argue with investing in solutions that appear free. However, there is always a price to pay. With a free provider of web hosting for example, you’ll find that the provider has little incentive to deliver quality service to you. The web site might be unavailable, slow, or adorned with annoying advertisements. Your critical e-mail might be lost, delayed, or intercepted by unauthorized parties. Your precious customer lists, promotional materials or accounting files could disappear without a trace when the provider decides it’s no longer in their interest to serve you. And there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Patent and reliable Business

Like a huckster setting up a temporary shop on a sidewalk, customers know you are not a reliable business. You might be selling a good product at a good price, but today’s customers know that if they buy something from an ugly web site full of flashing banner ads, there’s a good chance they’ll be getting ripped off. They know that customerservice28934@hotmail.com probably does not represent a business that will be there in the future when they have a question, or need support. Frankly, anyone doing business with such a company is likely to have their credit card account or personal information abuse by criminals.

Benefit From Augmenting Internal Resources

This stage of IT resource development might be suitable for a lemonade stand. Many millionaires built their businesses in the early stages by leveraging freely available services, and even larger companies can benefit from augmenting internal resources with free ones. For example, even a company maintaining it’s own internal data center might benefit from having backup DNS or mail servers available off-site.


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