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Old 10-07-2008, 04:14 AM
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Default VCS with Autosys


Does anyone has any experience on how to configure applications batch jobs that are initiated through Autosys (Batch Scheduling software) on Veritas Cluster control?

I have a 2-node cluster setup on which I need to run batch jobs initiated as UNIX processes. These processes are initiated through Autosys batch scheduling system, which is altogether a different setup on different set of machines. Assume Autosys server setup is outside VCS infrastructure and setup.

The storage file system is under CFS control supplied through SAN.

The way Autosys initiates job is:

1. We define scheduling parameters while defining Jobs within Autosys database. This includes: command to fire e.g.. Shell script, Remote machine to run on, When to run (day and time).

2. Autosys is based on event mechanism where it places an event to start a job on remote machine when the scheduling parameters meet the criteria.

3. It then takes a socket connection to the remote machine and fires the command.

4. It also creates a process on the remote machine (called "auto_remote":smileywink: whose job is to manage communication between Autosys server and the remote machine, while the job is running.

5. Once the job is done (whether success or failure), auto_remote agent sends communication to Autosys server, and stops itself.

6. Same process is repeated for all the batch jobs that are defined in Autosys

I need to take care of the following scenarios for failover:

1. When a node crashes

2. Node exits out of cluster control but still UP

3. Disk Group and file system failures

4. Network failures

It may not be possible to use application agents since the jobs are not run as applications. They just get initiated and stop when they complete.

A part of the solution could be managed through writing custom scripts called for triggers like "sysoffline".

I need to know solutions around it and any experiences people have.


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