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Old 10-22-2011, 09:10 AM
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Lightbulb need help with putting in a good video card on my ibm system-x 1U

My IBM System-X x3550m2 only comes with a Matrox g200ev video card, and since my boss upgraded all the servers @ work, I get one of these as my workstation. The IBM 1U has 2 pci-e slots, and 1 pci-e slot can fit my ATI 4870 Video Card, even though it does kind of take up some top space from the 2nd xeon slot that hasnt been filled yet and probably will never be. But the issue I have is the 6pin power the ATI Card requires. I have molex splitters to split off to feed power through a 6pin, but a quick inspection I didnt see 1 molex power cable.

in the past I have ran dual psu's on old workstations, but keeping 1 running all the time by shorting 2 pins using a nailclipper and keeping it shorted on the 20 or 24 pin connectors from the PSU. If I use say a 250watt or 300watt PSU, strictly to power the video card in my IBM 1U rack server, will this be an issue say when the server has to be powered off and on while the video card is still powered through the external PSU outside the rack server? When I had ran dual psu's on old workstations it was just to supplement the main PSU by powering everything but the motherboard, like hard drives.

I am currently doing Cuda/Stream development, and would like to have a nice fast video card to use. Otherwise im stuck with limited choices for low profile video cards. I think the best ATI low profile card has 400 stream processing units. However all of these cards dont have the 6pin power it requires vs the better cards. If i could somehow get this ATI 4870 card working that would be awesome and I could upgrade that into a better card providing more gpu processing power. If the plan above is too dangerous or would not work, Il just get one of the low performing new low profile cards at least to replace the damn matrox g200ev. This card is old and is the worst ever and yes its a server and some say who cares, but jeez the prices these thing cost IBM could at least put in something better. Wikipedia shows it was released in 1998, and I remember working with these around 1999-2001 during my computer repair days at a small shop. So this thing is way too old for a really nice server imo. Also, on my IBM 1U rack, Its too bad the second pci-e slot is too small to use for video.

IBM forum members will be quick to forward you to a pdf of compatible equipment, or equipment IBM wants customers to buy from them. I dont think they will give me much help there so Im taking a chance here.

Any reply would be appreciated, and thanks to admin to letting me in the forum.
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