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Default Anyone need 4*/26 ips? Price $122 only!

Hi friends,

This is Jina from VPB hosting company,today i'd like to recommend you some good S E O servers with 4 different C class ips at affordable price.
S E O DEDICATED SERVERS have been designed to keep the search engines happy. We provide you server with Lots of Ips . This dedicated server IP allocation allows you to customize your websites for search engine consumption.
Below are the server details,please check:

CPU:E3-1230 (4 cores), 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD, 10TB/100M Bandwidth,
with 244(4*/26) ips, price $122.00/month,
with 258(5+/24)ips, price $129.00/month,
with 232(8*/27) ips, price $199.00/month,
with 208(16*/28) ips, price $199.00/month,
with 511(5+2*/24) ips, price $229.00/month,
with 488(8*/26) ips, price $259.00/month,
with 1021(/22) ips, price $308.00/month.

So if you have interest,please let me know,I can give you more discount,and more server details,thank you very much!
Have a nice day!

Best regards

Skype: vpb Jina
Facebook: vpb Jina
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