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Default *** SAN JOSE MPT - $725 42U CABINET w/ 40AMP of Power - 2 Months Free! ***

Mesonix Communications is pleased to annouce the following special to our customers. These cabinets will be located in the Market Post Tower in San Jose, CA.

Your cabinet will be placed in our private cage in the Market Post Tower.

Full Lockable 42U Cabinet
40AMP of Power / $250 Additional 20AMP
1 Free Cross Connect to any provider in the building.
2 Months Free*

You pay only $725 TODAY and you get your next 2 months completely free!

Full Lockable 42U Cabinet**
40AMP of Power / $250 Additional 20AMP
100 Mpbs Mutil-Homed Bandwidth

$2,645.00 / Monthly

Bandwidth Providers Include: Level3, Savvis, InterNAP.

Also, we have cabinets that are available in One Wilshire. Below are the deals that we have available there.

Full Lockable 42U Cabinet
20 AMP of Power (Additional 20AMP - $250/mo)
Located in One Wilshire

$650 / Monthly

* Offer subject to 1 year contract.
** Offer subject to 2 year contract.

This offer is a very limited time offer and will expire soon.

For more information about this offer please contact