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Default Need LATAM / Caribbean ROUTES>> Live Traffic to D.R> HONDURAS> GUATEMALA> VENEZUELA>

Dear VOIP Partners,
Greeting from Ultra Networks and Networks LLC.
Urgently looking for Direct Vendor / Gateway Owner / Ncli route holders for below listed destinations. Need Ncli routes in DAILY payment.

HONDURAS Celtel Mobile- 25k
GUATEMALA Mobile– 30k
NICARAGUA Mobile – 10k
ECUADOR fixed / CNT and Mobile-20k
BOLIVIA Mobile– 10k
Dominican Republic Mobile – 20k
VENEZUELA Mobile- 10k
Guyana> 6k
Trinidad> 10k
Haiti> 8k
Jamaica> 5k
Paraguay> 10k

(We have live traffic to Many AFRICAN destinations also. Please offer your routes)

Please send offers in email / Ping into Skype.
Thanking you

William Boyd
Skype: william.boyd808
Whatsapp: +1 (540) 443-6066
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