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Default BGP Planning

We've been running a few racks for customers, not so much web hosting but infrastructure hosting.

We've been using a mix of Juniper, Cisco, and HP and working really well but we're having issues with our ISP and planning on running BGP multihomed to eliminate any potential future issues.

I'm not really interested in using Cisco as I've gotten more comfortable with Juniper and we have so many firewalls for each client I'd rather keep it as simple as possible (meaning just routing probably a /22 at most).

We've got a lot of SRX240's and EX4200's. I read some posts on here saying Cisco 2811 but they only have dual gige ports which wouldn't work and only single power.

Any advice on choosing ex4200 for bgp or a good alternative (preferably non-cisco)?

My associate said something about quagga or vyatta but I've read its not going to "hold a candle" to hardware and just add latency. True?

Again we're not running a CDN, we're talking a bunch of websites, lots of IIS, Exchange and Zimbra.

Also not to drag on but once we get this up we're probably going to open up our free space to colo (apparently a rare location) so its important what ever we choose is a lasting and good option.
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