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I am looking for advice/potential business partners who have fresh ideas.
What kind of help and Ideas, Planning/Monitoring or Technical help?. We've involved number of datacenter builds, so Any Advice?

I believe I have a unique story. I am a principal in two companies in Baltimore, MD. One company, Litecast, provides dark fiber networks for carriers, enterprises, and institutions in Baltimore City. The other company, BaltiCORE, is a commercial ISP in Baltimore. Very Good, Good luck

Recently we have come across thousands of square feet of empty, state-of-the-art colo space. I am sure the fact that Baltimore has empty colo is not a surprise, nor is it any different than any other major city in the US.

What might make this space different is:
1. It is priced to move,
2. It is connected to neutral fiber and an ISP, BaltiCORE, with a ton of capacity. BaltiCORE moves about 700 Mbps of Internet traffic currently.
3. It is ready to go now (and hs been).

I need help evaluating this opportunity. Specifically, I am looking for potential partners who know how to take advantage of this space. In support of this potential business I have created a site. , We can provide/help to build a High avaliability datacenters. monitoring, managing, backup and disaster recovery solutions, Network management and application specified help.

Does anyone have any ideas? Lots and lots of fresh ideas for state of the art datacenter build Thanks in advance. Thanks DataCenterTalk[/QUOTE]
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