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Default Possible new colo/Need help/advice

I am looking for very specific kind of help. I am looking for entrepreneurial techs who have some ideas about the colo/hosting business. I realize that the business is faily saturated. I am looking for advice/potential business partners who have fresh ideas.

I believe I have a unique story. I am a principal in two companies in Baltimore, MD. One company, Litecast, provides dark fiber networks for carriers, enterprises, and institutions in Baltimore City. The other company, BaltiCORE, is a commercial ISP in Baltimore.

Recently we have come across thousands of square feet of empty, state-of-the-art colo space. I am sure the fact that Baltimore has empty colo is not a surprise, nor is it any different than any other major city in the US.

What might make this space different is:
1. It is priced to move,
2. It is connected to neutral fiber and an ISP, BaltiCORE, with a ton of capacity. BaltiCORE moves about 700 Mbps of Internet traffic currently.
3. It is ready to go now (and hs been).

I need help evaluating this opportunity. Specifically, I am looking for potential partners who know how to take advantage of this space. In support of this potential business I have created a site.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance. Thanks DataCenterTalk
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