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Default TuchaKube container infrastructure service is available for the construction

TuchaKube container infrastructure service is available for the construction of high-load IT systems and development management

From now, all users can use the service of launch applications in the container cloud from Tucha is available. This feature is implemented by the TuchaKube platform, which is based on Kubernetes clusters. The service helps you automate some of the work related to CI/CD processes.

For high-load IT systems, TuchaKube service provides:

- fault tolerance and easy scaling;
- maximum performance of the disk storage;
- efficient traffic distribution.

This is achieved by simultaneously running multiple identical replicas on different nodes, distributed storage systems, and dedicated load balancers.

TuchaKube for development management is:

- quick creation of test environments;
- standardization of development in distributed teams;
- automatization of CI/CD processes with the help of Tucha DevOps engineers.

All microservices required to run an application are packaged as stand-alone images that can be run multiple times in a cluster. A geo-distributed cluster provides a high level of system fault tolerance, horizontal scalability, and maximum efficiency. In more detail about TuchaKube for us on a web-site
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