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Default Slovenia Mobile, Slovenian DIDs

here are the prices in USD for Slovenia mobile routes:
- Mobitel (38631,38641,38651) - 0.133 USD
- Simobil (38630, 38640) - 0.147 USD
- T2 (38664) - 0.035 USD
- Tusmobile (38670) - 0.091 USD
Billing per second.
SIP interconnection.
Prepaid only
Minimum order: 1400 USD
Test account charge: 140 USD

We accept bank transfer, PayPay, ClickandBuy, Western Union.

By 7000 USD payment 5% discount
By 14000 USD payment 8% discount

Special application for you or your customers!
If you or your customers have own end user platform, we can guarantee back call, from mobile phone who doesn't answered the call, direct to your costumer extension. Free of charge! Interested? Ask me how!

We offer also Slovenian DIDs (386592). Interested? Ask me !

We are looking for direct routs and good price A-Z routes. Send us your offer!

Best regards!
Dragan Mijajlovic

Wirenet AG
Bundesplatz 2
6304 Zug

Phone: +41415115266
Fax: +41415115261
Mobile: +381646401313
dragan.mijajlovic [at]