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Back up your data using tape drives!

Why tape drives? Because comparing to other data storage products, it is the most durable data storage solution, lasting up till 30-50 years!

Why Sprague? Because we have extensive knowledge in tape drives and components repair using alternative repair solutions.


We are Sprague Europe – a company, providing independent alternative REPAIR service solutions for different back-up storage products as TAPE DRIVES (AIT, DDS, SDLT, LTO1 - LTO6, 9840, 9940, T10K and 3592), libraries, and storage FRU components (tape drive PCB’s, heads, decks, robotics, controllers, tape pickers). You could register RMA for repair:


In addition Sprague takes part in SALES of refurbished back-up storage products. We offer huge variety of different articles, here you can see our full inventory list with part numbers. You can browse our catalog for the items with pictures and prices. All products are provided with 6 months warranty! Furthermore we are able to assembly a unique part by customer wanted specifications. That means that we can adjust all drives to particular library requirements.

If you have any interests in high quality products and services, have any questions about the repair and products prices, please contact us: . We will always help you! :)

adilkhan009 09-05-2016 11:29 AM

I agree with this post.

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