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serverpoint 08-23-2013 05:04 AM

ServerPoint is seeking level 3 technical staff, a leading web hosting provider, has several open positions in our technical support department.

We pride ourselves in the great technical support service that we provide to our clients and guarantee response times in under 15 minutes, and solutions within 30.

We are looking for people with passion that love to work with servers and technology.

Note: these positions ARE ***NOT*** OPEN to support outsourcing companies or groups of freelancers. We only hire individuals.

================================================== ===
Technical Support Level 3 Admin and Technical Writer
================================================== ===

Besides providing technical support to clients, you will be in charge of an internal Wiki where you will document solutions to problems. You will be helping customers, and at the same time, you will evaluate all support tickets being handled during the day and create documentation based on the problems found. You will also be in charge of filling up our knowledge base so that our clients can search for solutions without having to contact technical support.

Your job is to make it easier for clients to find information, and, for our technical support staff to find solutions. Which means that you must have the capacity to put yourself in the position of our clients to think how to organize information in an easy manner.

Some of you may also be in charge of maintaining a blog for our web site and writing articles for our web site. This means you must have basic HTML skills (pure HTML, not using some "web editor").

This job requires that you be highly experienced with the hosting industry and that you poses excellent written English skills and that you constantly keep up with the hosting industry through newsletters, technology web sites and press releases.

But above all of that, you must have motivation. You must come up with new ideas. You can not be just a follower, but a leader too. Your personality and your hard working attitude is a major part of our decision to retain you. You must actually care about a customer.

As part of the qualification process, you will be taking a very advanced test, with over 200 questions and essays.

Primary requirements:
  • This is a remote position, day or night
  • We will consider applicants from anywhere in the world
  • High level expertise with Linux and its usual applications (MySQL, Apache, etc)
  • Sound knowledge of Windows servers and their usual applications (IIS, SQL, etc)
  • Basic HTML understandings
  • Must have thorough knowledge of Plesk (both windows & Linux) and cPanel, their internal structure and command line utilities
  • Ability to work extended hours & independently
  • Good conversational skills as you will be interacting with customers
  • Excellent at writing documentation
  • Ability to easily retain information, as the amount of information to learn is quite extensive
  • Excellent "people person" skills
  • Need to be proactive, a fast learner and must enjoy working on a dynamic environment
  • Patience (a must) and willingness to help customers is mandatory
  • At least 3 years of experience as Level2/3

Other requirements:
  • Skype and webcam are required for video conferencing
  • You will be on webcam continuously through your shifts on our support desk
  • You must have a fast computer and stable broadband connection
  • Your computer must be used only by you and must be kept well protected, secure and fully updated at all times
  • If Windows, you must keep Windows updated every single day and have firewall up at all times
  • You must never use telnet or ftp to login to a server, always only SSH or SFTP
  • You will be randomly visited by other members of our staff for interviews, tests, and more
  • You can't be part of a support outsourcing company, freelancing group, and you must not be working on other jobs while you work for us; our clients require your full attention

  • Work with resolving problems with dedicated and virtual servers
  • Configure such servers
  • Monitor tickets and live chats
  • Assist other employees with their duties
  • You will also handle sales inquiries related to dedicated and virtual servers
  • Help our support staff with internal documentation and support issues
  • And more

Work timing

This is a full time position


Please let us know your salary expectation or current salary info. Payment will be made by wire transfer or check (within the US).


Please send your resume, in PDF format, to Along with that, write a short paragraph as to why ServerPoint should choose you. Please do not email us a standard, copy and paste, cover letter. Actually take the time to look up our web site and write your email.

We look forward to working with you.

NOTE - Please read the given instructions very carefully, and as a proof that you have read all this, please start your email with explaining the difference between POP & IMAP. Simple question. We don't have time to sort through spam applications., hosting thousands of customers since 1998 :)
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