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HostingCorral 10-26-2004 11:45 PM

Free Online Radio
My new radio, you will need WinAmp to here. (i don't know if others will work like, windows player, or real) Here is the link to here it:

whcdavid 10-27-2004 03:43 AM


You can be discuss out at There is a new forum to dicuss about shoutcast.


Denis 10-27-2004 08:13 PM

Hey, it's very interesting! Is there good music? ;)

HostingCorral 10-27-2004 09:59 PM

Well what type do you like to here? (we are on right now)

Denis 10-27-2004 10:20 PM

Well ... I don't have special preference :)
I lsitening to all kind of music :)

Jatos 10-28-2004 05:31 PM

A couple of things, why don't you have a flash version that doesn't need any specific software(apart from flash). Also - free domain(with dns) may make life easier.

Tris 10-28-2004 05:33 PM

Yeah.. I would also advise that you try some other things like have a live chat with the people listening so they can request music etc.

HostingCorral 10-28-2004 09:59 PM

Well we did just start, but we are adding some things as we go, along with ads.

Jatos 10-28-2004 10:06 PM

Its still worth noting other peoples ideas - it best to put something in before you make everything than after quite often - been a software developer I know this!

HostingCorral 10-28-2004 10:19 PM

? :confused: ?

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