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hetnix_srl 08-07-2017 12:41 PM

HETNiX.COM - Dedicated Servers in over 30 Datacenters!
Dear members,

We'd like to show you our Dedicated Servers offers, which can be provisioned in over 30 datacenters across the world.

Starting with 12th of September 2016, we are able to offer our main Supermicro Dedicated Servers plans in over 30 Datacenters from all around the world.
The fees will remain the same as our main RO datacenter for all the other facilities.

This will be a great business oportunity for all companies which are in need for multiple infrastructure locations or simply for end-users who want to benefit from our Enterprise Quality services in other countries than Romania.

We hope this step will build a stronger business relationship with all our existing customers and create new business opportunities for all companies and individuals who need stable, high-quality and reliable Dedicated Servers services from HETNiX.

View plans and pricing:

Below you can find a list with all major facilities that we currently offer Dedicated Servers in.

LibertyVPS. 08-14-2017 07:10 AM

What type of scalability potential is there? For example, if you start with a shared server plan, are you able to expand your space later or even switch to a dedicated server environment? Or does the provider you are considering specialize in one environment?

hetnix_srl 05-07-2019 12:58 PM

Two special server offers at HETNiX
Dear users,

We would like to announce you that, for a limited time, HETNiX is offering two special server offers!

You can find the special offers page here:

Let us know what you think about our new offers on our facebook page [1] or via a ticket [2]. Your feedback is really important to us!

Friendly regards,



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