View Full Version : Cogent BUSTER! $10/Mbps

TMG Internet
05-25-2007, 07:56 PM

We have another exclusive deal for DCT users. Promo is for the Hurricane Electric network AS AS6939. Offer is for a Full GIGe port for $10/Mbps (10K/month). This is available at any of the POPs listed below.

PAIX Palo Alto, CA
Equinix Ashburn, VA
Equinix Chicago, IL
Equinix Dallas, TX
Equinix Los Angeles, CA
Equinix San Jose, CA
NYIIX Telehouse New York, NY
LINX Telehouse London
1 westin building in Seattle,Wa
Mission ct, Fremont ca 94539
48233 warm springs blvd, Fremont ca 94539
55 south marker, San Jose, Ca 95119
NAP in miami