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03-16-2006, 08:56 AM
CallExchange: Complete A-Z Turnkey VoIP Solution
No matter what kind of VoIP business you envisage, CallExchange has the fully customizable solutions you need. From stand-alone or web-based billing to global termination, CallExchange provides the ready-to-operate platform you need to set up, manage, and expand your VoIP business. You maintain complete control over product branding, design, and marketing.
With CallExchange there is no signup fee, no monthly fee, and no traffic minimum. You pay only for the minutes you use.
Prepaid Calling Cards
Sell prepaid calling cards using either our hosted platform or our CSB stand-alone billing software. Create batches from 1 to 1 million cards. Set multiple rates and design special deals to respond to market demand.
Call Shop
With our versatile all-in-one CSB stand-alone application you can offer prepaid and/or postpaid calling in your call shop and enable PIN-code authenticated calls via PSTN access.
Unique one-step rate setting and included PIN generator make it simple to create multiple rate profiles. Your cashiers will find it easy to operate the booths, monitor the call shop, and provide bills upon request.
Client ID feature and Calls Report comply with new anti-terrorism legislation.
Complete Hosted Billing, Management, and CRM Solution
CallExchange enables you to provide the full range of VoIP services your customers demand. We make it easy for you to manage any combination of prepaid and postpaid accounts. Customer Relations Management is built in to our program.
A-Z Termination, DIDs, Location Exchanges
CallExchange provides global termination and DID and location exchanges. If you choose to set up a location of your own, you can earn commisions by "sharing" your location with other CallExchange affiliates.
Easily Monitor Your Business
CallExchange reports make it easy to monitor your business. Just click to view complete call records for all your company's clients, see top destinations, graph your traffic, pinpoint losing rates, and follow how many minutes of traffic are generated at various times of the day.
Technical Details
CallExchange supports all known SIP adapters and/or gateways as well as H323, features Radius/AAA protocol and PIN/ANI authentication, provides real-time ASR and ACD data, supports multi-language IVR and end-device manufacturer's extendable dictionaries and enables you to modify dial codes.
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