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10-24-2004, 08:49 AM
Worldwide IP telephony.

By: Lars Hansen

A brand new international telecommunications company has just started to offer IP telephony (VoIP) with big savings all over the world. The company’s services will only be marketed by their customers/distributors. If you know someone who is interested in the service, the company will pay you for referral of new customers in a Network Marketing plan.

We talk about huge savings on calling, especially for people who make international calls.

It is actually possible to make calls to other members for FREE in the company’s global IP telephony network.

Users can initially use a SoftPhone software solution installed on their PC, but in addition it is also possible to buy a converter. That way, users can use their ‘old’ analogue phones without the need of a PC that is turned on. The phone service can also be accessed from all computers connected to the Internet through a website - no need for any downloading.

The company will also offer a solution where users can get a local phone number in order to receive calls from the PSTN network (normal old phone system). The smart thing is that a businessman, who has customers in different countries or areas, can get local numbers that is all connected to the same global number. I.e. you can have an office phone in Copenhagen, New York and London – and even when you are at the Bahamas, you will be able to receive the incoming calls, i.e. on your notebook PC without expensive costs for forwarding.

All incoming calls can be forwarded to any mobile/cellular phone or landline phone in the world, at a very low cost. That way you can also save the normal roaming cost.

The company will also offer a call back solution where users can use there normal landline or mobile/cellular phone to call a PC (softphone), landline or mobile/cellular phone all over the world.

The company is seeking agents worldwide at the moment. You can in fact start your own telephone service company for as little as $120 in a global market.

Further information can be obtained here: http://www.1WorldFone.com

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