View Full Version : Ennsee Technologies introduces Ateus and Hypermedia range of GSM Gateways

08-12-2004, 08:21 PM
Ateus VoiceBlue VoIP-GSM Gateway
* Up to four GSM channel gateway
* Standard SIP client
* Smart Voice Routing Least Cost Routing (LCR)
* Intelligent incoming call routing
* Callback
* SMS in the case of a missed call
* LCR (Least cost routing) according to free minutes
* Top voice quality (EFR super sound)
* Worldwide use (GSM 850/900 MHz or 1800/1900
* DISA with voice navigation, user defined voice message for incoming calls
* WWW and AT command based administration
* SMS WWW server
* SMS mail client
* CDR buffer up to 500,000 records, Compact flash
* LOG and statistics events saving
* Integrated antenna splitter

Ateus Stargate ISDN-PRI GSM Gateway (up to 256 SIMs)
* High traffic volume
* Verified quality
* 2x PRI ISDN connection
* Scalable capacity (up to 32 GSM channels)
* Up to 8 SIM cards per GSM channel
* Voice and SMS transmission
* Virtual SIM card application support
* Least Cost Routing

HyperMedia PRI-ISDN GSM Gateway
* Four GSM Channels per slot
* Four Channels per antenna
* Hot-swappable slots
* Upto 30 GSM Channels
* SIM lock
* Web-based management

Ateus ISDN-BRI GSM Gateway
* Significant Cost Reduction
* Voice and SMS Transmittion
* Least Cost Routing
* Analogue outputs and inputs for supervision of the device
* Call rejection

Ateus Analog GSM Gateway
* Voice, Data, SMS, PC FAX transmission
* GSM networks and PTT interconnection
* GPRS DATA connection
* Intelligent routing of incoming calls
* DTMF and pulse dialling
* High voice quality (EFR super sound)
* Data and PC FAX transmission

And many many more features. Contact our sales representative at sales@ennsee.com to learn more about how our solutions can save you tons of money or visit us at http://www.ennsee.com.

Also available GSM-FXO/FXS and GSM-VoIP (H323).