View Full Version : What does it take to be a successful VoIP provider?

03-02-2009, 11:56 AM
Dear friends!

Every VoIP business should be based on reliable software along with good service offered at an appropriate price.

We offer

1) reliable software market leader voip brands
2) good service a team of engineers will be working solely on your project to meet all your specific needs
3) appropriate price please contact me to see that our prices are more than reasonable

Being able to offer that, all you need is to attract customers towards your services.

No matter whether you want to start your VoIP business from scratch or extend the range of services you already provide (adding VoIP to other Web services provided by your company is a good business move too), we can help you.

Our portfolio of solutions includes

Wholesale engines with billing
Calling card platforms
Callback solutions (ANI, Web, SMS, PIN, DID)
Callshop solutions
IP PBX/ IP Centrex solutions
Solution for Conferencing services
Virtual Office
Traffic exchange platforms and others

Now you can use VoIPs golden moment, which recession is in fact for this sphere, when enterprises dump costly, aging telephone systems in order to take advantage of VoIP's cost-saving and technological flexibility. Give
customers the services, they are looking for, which are in most demand now like virtual office, web conferencing, IP Centrex, call center and others.

If you are ready to catch the significant moment, inquire for our services now at ipmiracle@gmail.com. You can also follow up through IM ipmiracle@yahoo.com.

With best regards,
Roberto Santos
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